Sven Uilhoorn

Interaction- and Game Designer based in Groningen, the Netherlands
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ATC (2020 - )

Board game around air traffic control, handling planes and managing airports and airlines. Players both compete and cooperate to build, manage and improve the ideal airport.

Roles and Responsibilities

I am responsible for the entire project, from coming up with the idea/concept, designing mechanics to the visual design. All artwork is my own.

Current Product

The latest version:

The current game during a two player session.

Process and Methods



Toughest Challenge


What I'd do Differently


Tools Used

  • Excel: calculations regarding balance for the early versions
  • Trello: checklist and project planning
  • Illustrator/Photoshop: board design, card design, icons, plane models
  • Various online sources: knowledge on airports, planes

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