Sven Uilhoorn

Interaction- and Game Designer based in Groningen, the Netherlands
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Board Game Resources

Sometimes it's frustrating to go through a rule book of a board game all the time and the reference sheets/cards just don't cut it.

Below are a few reference sheets and replacements I made to get through these games easier with more focus on the game and less time spent reading through the rule books.

Brass Birmingham Reference Sheet

Two A5 reference boards per page for Brass: Birmingham, the 2018 version of Brass by Martin Wallace, Gavan Brown and Matt Tolman. Tested over five games, these make the game much easier to pick up and play. Print one page for each two players.

View reference sheet (pdf)

Carnegie Reference Cards

Two double sided reference cards for Carnegie, the 2022 board game by Xavier Georges. Set for two players per page. Handles actions, scoring, department icons and common exceptions. Print one page for each two players.

View reference cards (pdf)

Archipelago Action Cards

Page of eight action cards + double sided reference sheet for Archipelago, the 2012 board game by Christophe Boelinger. An early concept featuring no artwork, only works for two to four player games. Print one page per player.

View action cards (pdf)
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