Sven Uilhoorn

Interaction- and Game Designer based in Groningen, the Netherlands
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Squadroddels 2018-2019

After two successful years, another three magazines for members of Groningen's student squash club. Again some time went into the redesign for improvements

As a team of four guys (excluding some guest writers) we work on the three 80 page magazines for this year. Because of the many international members the club has, a substantial amount of the writing is in English.

Roles and Responsibilities

Project lead, layout and design, as well as doing interviews, writing articles and competition reports;

  • setting up the styles in InDesign
  • all editing in InDesign
  • icon design in Illustrator
  • interviews with committee members
  • various articles on squash and related topics

Final Product

This year there's more focus on photography, with a cover image for every article. Typography was more optimized for readability.

Compared to the previous magazines, paragraphs are a bit longer and wider, making it a bit easier to read.

Videos are of course all clickable and jump straight into the match.

Three column page design for top five-ish articles. In the future the blue bars with headings will be moved up to have the same spacing between the image above and text below.

Every second page of a story is in a slightly different layout, with the top and bottom bar being smaller and missing the squash ball, to make it easy to scan for articles.

Process and Methods

Starting off with a few recurring items like tournaments, competition and Squadraat events to personal columns and guest writers' pieces, mostly the editing starts a week or two before release, with an email update with PDF every evening (or night) to the entire team.

Toughest Challenge

Getting people to finish their pieces in time ;)

What I'd do Differently

The next issues need higher quality photography, especially from internal events.

Tools Used

  • LibreOffice Writer: writing
  • Illustrator: cover art, icon design and certified seals
  • Photoshop: cover art, custom artwork, rounded cutouts, removing backgrounds
  • InDesign: editing, layout

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