Sven Uilhoorn

Interaction- and Game Designer based in Groningen, the Netherlands
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Club Magazine Student Squash Club 2018-2019

After a successful 2017-2018 year, another three magazines for members of Groningen's student squash club. I overhauled the entire layout and also put a bit more effort into the cover art.

As a team of four guys (excluding some guest writers) we work on the three 50+ page magazines for this year. Because of the many international members the club has, a substantial amount of the writing is in English.

Roles and Responsibilities

Project lead, layout and design, as well as doing interviews, writing articles and competition reports;

  • setting up the styles in InDesign
  • all editing in InDesign
  • icon design in Illustrator
  • interviews with members of both ongoing competitions
  • interviews with committee members
  • various articles on squash and related topics

Final Product

Magazine cover based on artwork from Fallout, Photoshopped so it features our chairman, with references to squash as being "The Vault", the squash lock and the court linework as background.

Reworked the art at the top and bottom to be smoother, sort of following the trajectory of a squashball from the front wall back into the court. The logo was still kept from the previous year. Furthermore I've made new styles for the headings, quotes and improved line-height.

For every other page in an article, the top bar was moved up a bit to create more space for text. Videos from the tournament committee now also featured, linked to the play button.

Quotes page almost the same as last year, but sometimes a bit more edgy..

Style for interviews, with the funniest or most interesting answers as featured quotes.

Process and Methods

Starting off with a few recurring items like tournaments, competition and internal events to personal columns and guest writers' pieces, mostly the editing starts a week or two before release, with an email update with PDF every evening (or night..).

Toughest Challenge

Getting people to finish their pieces in time ;)

What I'd do Differently

Mostly small improvements in typography and spacing between objects.

Tools Used

  • LibreOffice Writer: writing
  • Illustrator: cover art, icon design and certified seals
  • Photoshop: cover art, custom artwork, rounded cutouts, removing backgrounds
  • InDesign: editing, layout

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